I worked on conquering the constipation situation for about 2 years. Now, we're just doing "maintenance" to keep things moving along. Yes, I've done my share of Googling. Here are some favorite go-to websites that I've found to be helpful.

5 Problems With Sitting on A Toilet - Squatty Potty

Reasons Your Poop Isn't Leaving in a Timely Fashion

What Your Child's Poop is Telling You

Beets are Useful for Measuring Bowel Transit Time - I have been using beets to help my child stay regular, for several years now. I never thought to "measure transit time" - what a great idea for people of all ages.

Vegan Mom Shares What Her Child Eats and Why She Poops 2 Times Every Day

Constipation in Children - With Diagrams of Fecal Impaction

"Does your child hold his/her poop" - from Mommy Off the Record

Fecal Retention in 5-year-old (Aha Parenting)

Netherlands Study Links Chronic Childhood Constipation with Extreme Parenting Styles - Either Too Controlling, or Too Lax

Soiling Solutions

Pooping Solutions (Love this lady - she's both entertaining AND helpful!)

Constipation Treatment Guide for Kids from

Should Children Take Laxatives?

Dr. Alan Greene on the Reluctant Potty Pooper

Slow Transit Constipation: A Review of a Colonic Functional Disorder

Toddler Constipation from WebMD

Bowel Retraining

Here's a good page to share with your kid who won't eat vegetables!

The Magic Within Us - an Encopresis Survivor: Personal account to help bring about awareness of and empathy for this largely unrecognized problem.

Potty Training According to the So-So Mom- Humorous, down-to-earth accounts from the ever-struggling mom of a potty-training aged child who won't poop on his own.

Recently Added:

Gut Health and Childhood Constipation

Heavy Eyelids and Constipation

Ebook Now On Sale: Helping Your Child Overcome Chronic Constipation Without the Use of Miralax

How to Make Mac and Cheese Constipation-Friendly For Kids

Will My Chronically Constipated Child Ever Poop Normally?

Does Soup Help You Poop?

Chai for Constipation

Christmas and Holiday Foods for Constipated Children

Best Desserts for Constipated Kids

Pierogies and Squash Soup

Respecting Your Child's Privacy in the Bathroom

When can my constipated kid resume eating normally?

Thanksgiving Meals for Constipated Kids

Do Iron Supplements Cause Childhood Constipation?

Most Likely Times for a Constipation Relapse, and How to Break the Cycle

Magnesium Citrate for Childhood Constipation

Chronic Childhood Constipation and Weight Loss

Omega 3s for Constipation

Why Do Kids Hold Their Poop?

Poop-Friendly Recipes

What Your Doctor Says

Why is it Bad to Not Poop?

How Did This Happen?

Is Constipation Related to ADD, ADHD and Autism?

The Emotional Side of Chronic Childhood Constipation

Are Parents to Blame?

Squatty Potty

How to Get Your Child to Drink Prune Juice

Rotating Laxatives

What Does Healthy Poop Look Like?

Teaching Them How

Does a Disorganized Parenting Style Cause Childhood Constipation?

What Else Can You Do to Help?

Should You Cut Down on Starches?

The Bathtub is the Best Place for Suppositories




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